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After four decades in health care.from Dentistry to Massage Therapy to Personal Training, with tangents to Nutrition and Osteopathy - Spencer's focus now is helping others deal with the challenge of osteoarthritis, a challenge he faces himself.

Spencer has had many academic mentors. These include Czech Physician and Physiotherapist Vladimir Janda, Doctor of Oriental Medicine Roger Jahnke (The Healer Within) and Dr. Janet Travell. Dr. Travell, who as JFK's personal Physician allowed him to progress from wheelchair to podium to President, wrote Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction, The Trigger Point Manual, along with Dr. David Simons.

Injuries have been Spencer's best teachers
"Injury is a messenger, announcing that change and reflection are in order"...unknown
From ankle to knee to hip to elbow to shoulder, injuries have offered Spencer opportunities to understand etiology and successfully rehabilitate. Presently, his greatest challenge is reversing the osteoarthritis in his left hip caused by a 1 cm leg length discrepancy. Minor AC joint arthritis is also present (shoulder--acromioclavicular joint).

Dr. Travell said: "Life is like a bicycle - you don't fall off until you stop pedaling... it is better to wear out than to rust out, so keep pedaling."

Unfortunately, osteoarthritis is often a "wear out" disease.
Assessment of the factors that caused OA is essential. A shoe lift, weight loss, strengthening of all the structures around the joint (peri-articular structures), creation of muscular balance. These strategies are helpful in advance of joint surgery, after surgery or to prevent the need for surgery. Visualization, nutrition and optimism are essential ingredients in the recipe for healing.

Within one decade, stem cells will be used to recreate the critical cartilage that covers the joint components. Until then, people living with osteoarthritis must be dedicated to appropriate exercise therapy. Spencer is dedicated to offering holistic advice and expert exercise therapy to those who are about to have joint replacement surgery, those who require post-surgery rehabilitation and those who, like Spencer, are determined to continue to have an active lifestyle even in the presence of some arthritis, especially for knees, hips and shoulders . For him, the key is to support the arthritic joint physically and emotionally and believe that with superior nutrition and reversal of causal factors, the body will repair damaged tissue. LaKota, Instaflex, glucosamine, turmeric, and hyaluronic acid are medications that may assist the body's recuperative powers.

As a nationally ranked masters' swimmer and an earnest exerciser, Spencer offers inspiring role modeling.

Spencer would be honoured to be on your WELLNESS team.

Spencer's WELLNESS triad remains:

This cover page is attached to a website put together years ago. Spencer has left it unchanged because it still has value - and it shows his deceased Parents as exercise models.

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